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A Story Engineered from a passion for mechanical ingenuity and love of design


Where it All Began

Mario Di Biase founded MDB in 1977 and remains the owner to this day. His life's pride is in his company which is shared by his son, Marco.

MDB specializes in the production of specialty machines for niche markets. The machines produced by MDB include the Green Climber, an award winning line of advanced remote control slope mowers.


All the machines produced by MDB have important design criteria in common:  ease of use, safety for the operator, high productivity and reliability over time.

MDB's focus on achieving such high quality drives its management policies .  They seek improvements in their products' efficacy through transparent relationships with their clients, design engineers, manufacturers and administrative staff.

MDB backs all their machines and guarantees their performance and engineering to meet or exceed ISO 9001 Standards.  Your satisfaction is the mission of the founder and MDB staff.

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