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  • Zoe Zawacki

Green Climber Fall Maintenance

Make sure to clean your machinery and top off crucial grease points before putting Green Climbers away for the winter.

As winter arrives our focus turns from equipment maintenance to equipment storage. Most Green Climbers are used year-round in our southern territories. In the North, unless you have the snow tools, the Green Climbers are stored until next season.

This month we sat down with Maintenance Technician, Alex Soria, to discuss how to perform the proper maintenance on Green Climber remote control slope equipment.

“The machines should be cleaned at least once a day when used in heavily soiled environments,” said Soria. “Dirt shouldn’t just sit on or in the machines because it leads to more problems and overheating. Most of the machine, minus the computer components can be power washed. When cleaning, make sure to get the inner tracks, head, and bottom trays since that’s where most of the mud and clay gets stuck.”

Over his 4 years of experience with Green Climber mowers, Soria noticed that most machines do not get the proper maintenance, especially when it comes to cleaning the most vital parts, the tracks.

“To check the track wheels, they should have the machine safely elevated. This visual inspection will allow you to see debris stuck in the roller wheels, bearings,” said Soria. “After cleaning the rollers, the tension should be checked on the tracks, usually it needs to be tightened. You change the tension through the grease fitting. When you loosen it up, then the grease will start coming out.”

Each machine should have its own schedule depending on the customer's use. Older equipment and heavily used machines should receive check-ups at least once per week, more frequently than newer units.

“On older models, I would check the bearings to make sure that they're tight. Repack them with grease, make sure they're not damaged. Saturating your bearings at the season's end prevents them from seizing from lack of grease. While you’re greasing the wheels always spread the tracks, clean any debris and regrease the extension cylinders."

When it comes to engine performance, most maintenance is self-explanatory. Checking fuel, oil, and filters is crucial and should be done periodically throughout the season and as a final goodbye before putting the Green Climber away.

“Lastly I away make sure to check for any visible leaks or damaged hoses,” said Soria. “We can replace them quickly in the fall since we’re heavily restocked on parts. “ I top off the oil and go through all hydraulic connectors to make sure they are tight and leak free. This helps us know the hydraulic system is closed and free of foreign debris."

Attachments need the most care as they have the most use. Making sure that they are properly tooled, greased, and cleaned should be a daily task of any operator. Failing to do so can lead to poor performance, clogged equipment, and unnecessary downtime.

Green Climbers come with a set of maintenance manuals that assist in the equipment maintenance schedules for both the Green Climber, its attachments, and engines. If you have any questions regarding Green Climber maintenance your distributor is here is to assist you.

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