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Mow Money LLC

Learn more about AJ Constant's vegetation management company in West Virginia, the first of its kind to implement the use of a remote control slope mower in the state.

Green Climber N.A. has sold hundreds of units across the USA. They’re used by both private and government vegetation professionals. As the machines gain popularity across many land management institutions, we still root for the small business in America. As a small business ourselves, we know how powerful it is to truly find your niche amongst the big dogs. When we sell a machine to an up-and-coming company, we know the machine has fulfilled a powerful objective of creating business for the owner.

This week we wanted to shine a light on Mow Money, LLC., an up-and-coming vegetation management business thriving in West Virginia. Owner and operator, AJ Constant, took time between mowings to speak with Green Climber about his growing slope management business.

“I bought my Green Climber from an individual, he was a farmer from the upper part of West Virginia,” said AJ. “He bought it for his farm. He just said he was getting old, he couldn’t see really far and it just wasn't what he needed anymore.”

AJ kicked around the idea of starting a small business for years but, was unsure how to begin. Once he saw an ad placed for a Green Climber F300 PRO on Facebook Marketplace he decided to take the plunge and began Mow Money, a residential hillside landscaping service, in May of 2021.

“I worked in the mining industry, and it's kind of a kind of hit and miss in this area so, I thought we’ll try something different,” said AJ. “Let's try remote control slope mowing. I kind of jumped on it. Went looking at another brand that was built in Kentucky. But around the same time, I saw the ad on Facebook Marketplace for the Green Climber. I started researching and found that it was more for what I needed. More of a rough cut, just all-around a better machine than what they had built over in Kentucky.”

One of the prominent features that sold AJ on the Green Climber F300 PRO was the straightforward remote control setup. All Green Climber IMET remotes are designed with the ability to operate comfortably with waist belt supports for the operator.

“The remote setup is really nice. It’s one finger controls forward, reverse, left, and right,” said AJ. “Then you use the other hand to adjust your speed, ups, and downs. Just the layout is real smooth. Now that I've run it enough, I don't even look down at the remote. I know where each switch is and what it does. It’s the remote that really drew me to start, and then the machine itself.”

After completing a successful year this summer, AJ is planning on finishing fall strong and looks to expand his business within the next couple of years. The Green Climber F300 PRO is perfect for residential areas, but AJ wants to acquire commercial contracts and is hoping to purchase an LV600 PLUS to help him tackle these larger jobs.

“My ultimate goal is to keep the F300 for residential-style work. I'd love to have an LV600 PLUS or the one above it. I’d use the LV600 PLUS for the bigger land or bio management style work. Then I would love to have an LV800 to do more power lines, gas pipelines, or right away stuff. That’s kind of my goal, to get completely away from residential work and get more commercial, doing bigger jobs.”

As of right now, Mow Money is one of a few vegetation management businesses in West Virginia that owns a Green Climber. With this advantage, AJ has been able to catch public attention when working throughout the state.

“I’ve had a lot of people stop and just watch me it run back and forth,” said AJ. “I stand up beside the road and run it down below me and people will walk over, and I'll talk to them while I'm running. They're like, ‘You know, you've never missed a beat. You've been mowing for the past 10 minutes while you're talking to me.’ And that’s what’s so great thing about this thing. I can stand here and talk. I can carry on a conversation, and I can still get my work done, while I'm talking. Once you get to know your machine you know what it can do, and you can just get in the groove.”

We are excited to see the future of Mow Money as AJ Constant continues to grow his slope management business. We want to thank AJ for taking the time out of his busy day to speak with us. He is a hard-working man with great determination and willpower to succeed. At Green Climber we wish him the best and cannot wait to see what slope he’ll be up to in the next couple of years.

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