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Trade Shows Under COVID-19

The Impact of Last Years Pandemic on Green Climber N.A.

After a long wait, trade shows are once again planning on holding in person conventions. Green Climber North America is excited to announce our participation in six in person shows and one online conference which will be held in two weeks.

Last year our team was in Vegas, attending CONEXPO-CON/AGG when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and everyone was sent home prematurely. Going forward we had to cancel our remaining 2020 shows and stick to old fashion sales and demos. Zoe, our vice president was able to recount her last days of normalcy before the world changed.

"March 11th, 2020, the day the Coronavirus hit the Unites States, our lives changed forever," said Zoe. "Panic set in, and world travel stopped. Meanwhile, the staff of Green Climber was 2,000 miles away from home, at CONEXPO, an international weeklong trade show in Las Vegas, NV."

Zoe and Marty, president, started planning for CONEXPO two years prior. This being the biggest trade show they had ever done, it was important that they had everything go as planned. Having a successful show meant having an exponentially successful year of Green Climber sales.

As 2019 came to a close, Green Climber NA had its CONEXPO schedule complete, setup, load in, hotel accommodations, booth staff, and booth promotions were all finished. Zoe even convinced our Manufacturer, MDB Srl to fly in from Italy to make the show.

"The first few days went off without a hitch. Dealers and customers were coming in from everywhere to see our machines," said Zoe. "The floor was buzzing with interested patrons. Never would I had guessed that an epidemic in Asia would eventually stop the Las Vegas show in its tracks."

As the week went on, Zoe noticed more and more booths being abandoned with signs saying, staff not in attendance. On the third day of the show, the staff made the executive decision to cancel the last day of CONEXPO.

As the news came about that the epidemic was becoming a pandemic, the real chaos set in for everyone at CONEXPO. Hearing the news of border closings and country wide shutdowns, our manufacturer tried their best to obtain flights back home to Italy. Between their crew of nine, they were able to book flights to Germany, where they had to rent a van to get back home.

"The last day of CONEXPO was a near ghost town. Booth staff was looking at each other with an uneasy discomfort, said Zoe. '“Do you have the virus?' 'Am I sick?' I remember thinking. Our largest ever show came in with a vengeance and left in a freighted whisper."

So did it stop Green Climber? No! Despite the pandemic, 2020 became one of our best years for sales. Our equipment provided a great solution for power companies, pipelines, roadsides, water departments, and more. Essential utilities in the USA were using the Green Climbers to maintain their grounds and keep their facilities safe.

Organizations that needed crews to maintain areas were now opting for one man and one machine. COVID may have slowed or halted many businesses in the USA. For Green Climber NA, we were able to support the essential workers and grow despite the uncertain climate.

This year we are planning on having an even greater presence with more machines on display to make up for the lost time. Come visit us at this year's trade shows as the world returns to normal.

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