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A Remote Controlled Slope Mower that's Engineered to Perform

Green Climber Remote Control Slope Mowers can handle your most difficult tasks. These mowers work on slopes of up to 60 degrees, can be remotely operated from a distance of 500 ft. and can take down overgrowth up to 8" in diameter.  Their low center of gravity keeps them glued to the ground. That's performance. That's production. That's operator safety.

Don't settle for an inferior product. The engineering on these remote controlled mowers is industrial-grade to tackle your most demanding slope mowing needs with agility and dependability.

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Adjustable Flail Head & Track Width
EPA Compliant
Verticle & Horizontal
Slope Capability up to  60 Degrees
Remote Controlled
to 500' Distance

The Most Advanced Remote Control Slope Mowers on the Market


Imagine Operating a Green Climber

Green Climber

Green Climber

Green Climber

Green Climber


Remote Control

The Green Climber is an innovative  slope mower for work in extreme conditions including areas with steep slopes or others that present danger to the operator.

Reliability at Reduced Costs

Our machines guarantee greater reliability and operating costs up to 1/3 lower than our competitors'

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Remote Control

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