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Conquering Slopes with Remote-Controlled Mowers

The National Association of Landscape Professionals reports on the success their members have had with our Slope Mowers. The Klausing Group, Inc. raves about how choosing the Green Climber has tremendously benefited their company.

“The inefficiency of having six to 10 people string trim those areas with the added risk of slip and fall…it was the best move we could make to both protect our employees and better serve our clients,” Luke Tedder, LIC, the business developer at the Klausing Group told the Jill Odom at NALP.  

This allows the company to make better use of their time as mastering a mower only takes half a shift. Now with their Green Climber, the Klausing Group is able to complete jobs at a faster pace, as they are able to cover more ground with fewer employees dispatched to each location.

“We took several years to make the decision we knew that it was the piece of equipment we needed, we just wanted to make sure we were investing in the right one, and that took some time, but I would say absolutely demo these pieces of equipment,” Tedder confided in Jill.

The Green Climber won the votes of The Klausing Group, besting Ventrac and Spider units. Now with their Slope Mower, Tedder refuses to turn back as he and his company are now safer and more efficient.

We would like to thank Jill Odom with the National Association of Landscape Professionals for reporting on the success of Luke Tedder at The Klausing Group, Inc. have had with our Green Climbers.

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