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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Thank you and for the shout out! The LV600 was featured in their "2018 World Ag Expo Spotlight"

While not truly an autonomous machine, the LV600 manufactured by MDB in Lanciano, Italy, is remotely controlled at a range of up to 100m, and one would think, not all that difficult to automate more fully. Powered by a Kohler FT4 diesel engine making 54 horsepower and 225Nm torque, the LV600 when in its widest track setting (70”) can safely access slopes in all directions up to 60 degrees. With a low center-of-gravity 43” working height, the LV600 can perform underneath a range of obstacles such as orchard trees all the way to solar panels. The LV600 lineup of attachments include a 51” flail mower, 82” finish mower, snow plow, snow blower (which will never have windswept snow blown back into the face of the operator), forestry winch, stump grinder, hydraulic trencher, tiller, and front bucket.

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