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Green Climber Available on Sourcewell

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Now as a Sourcewell Awarded Supplier Green Climber North America is ready for growth in the slope equipment industry.

We are happy to announce that Green Climber North America is now on Sourcewell. This is a prestigious government organization targeted to other governmental, educational, and nonprofit entities to easily purchase essential goods and services. Their objective is to promote community success by making government purchasing fast, efficient and affordable.

Dan Seidl from Sourcewell’s Supplier Development Team provided additional information about the contract and how it can be used to purchase Green Climber equipment.

“Sourcewell is authorized to establish competitively solicited and awarded cooperative purchasing contracts on behalf of itself and its participating agencies,” said Seidl. “Sourcewell follows the competitive contracting law process to solicit, evaluate, and award cooperative purchasing contracts for goods and services.”

After passing the rigorous competitive solicitation process, Green Climber became a Sourcewell awarded supplier. Buying through the Sourcewell contract makes purchasing a remote-control mower easier than before. Becoming a member is an easy process that is available to most organizations in North America.

“For our Sourcewell members, participation is free and available to all government, education, and nonprofit entities,” said Seidl. “Once an entity becomes a Sourcewell member, participation and contracts are nonexclusive with no obligation to purchase. Members have access to over 450 national contracts spanning a wide variety of categories.”

As a result of the extensive bidding process done beforehand, purchasing a Green Climber becomes a quick and easy process because the RFP process requirements have already been satisfied.

“Our members, the end-users, benefit by using the Sourcewell contract in several ways,” said Seidl. “First, they save time and money because the competitive RFP process is already satisfied. Members then can choose the vendor and representative they desire. Members receive national volume and discounted not-to-exceed pricing, and they potentially avoid the unpleasant experience of low-bid, low-quality awards.”

As a Sourcewell supplier, we at Green Climber will uphold a greater quality of service and help make the buying process smoother for all Sourcewell end-users. We are excited for this next chapter in our business, as we are grateful for all the additional support.

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