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Green Climber's Successful Use in Contaminated Terrain

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Parsons was called to a site where the drainage ditches that were overgrown with vegetation, which caused the road to overflow with water and become impassable. The property custodian could not safely keep vegetation cutback and maintained due to the presence of explosives. The company needed a way to safely clear the brush so the munitions could be removed and that the drainage ditches could be cleared of debris.

Green Climber is a long range remote controlled machine that can endure dangerous environments since the driver is out of harm's way, about a 47 foot radius from the machine. Which was needed because of the munitions present on the property. Additional benefits that appealed to Parsons were that Green Climber can work an entire day on a full tank of diesel, with easily replaceable teeth on the Standard Flail Head and Foresty Head attachments.

They choose the Green Climber due to its ability to handle thick vegetation, brush, and security in the presence of munitions. As the property custodian could not safely conduct standard human-operated vegetation clearance.

Parsons knew that the Green Climber LV600 was the lowest costing choice and an extremely versatile machine that can handle the steep slopes of the drainage ditches. Green Climber also has a handy tow hook on the back, to help get it out when it was stuck in muddy terrain present on the property.

When the machine was delivered, a tutorial and training were provided. Parson's employees found that the controls were user friendly and well labeled. Their operators were comfortable with the machine after the first day.

There was the successful removal of vegetation and brush (up to 2” thick) from ditches, with varying degrees of slope (0 - 60%), and grub 2-3 inches below the ground surface that was on either side of the road.

As of the beginning of their project, Parsons was able to safely clear 40 miles of roadside ditches with a removal results of ~1 mile of removal per day. They proclaimed that Green Climber was the most cost-effective approach.

We would like to thank Parsons for their endorsement of the Green Climber LV600. Their 2018 project report, written by Chris ten Braak, was the basis of this blog and the source of all these wonderful pictures. We are always excited to hear from happy customers and share their content with you.

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