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Minnesota State Contract

Green Climber North America has renewed its contract with Minnesota's Department of Administration. Explore the direct path from purchase order to delivery using the State Contract.

Buying Green Climber Remote Control Slope Mowers

Green Climber N.A is excited to be on contract with the states of Minnesota. This contract opens purchasing of any Green Climber models to all of the state’s departments. Vendor validation and pricing are negotiated prior to contract approval. No bidding necessary.

New and old members of the Cooperative Purchasing Venture, CPV, can access these benefits when acquiring a Green Climber.

All Green Climber Slope Mowers will continue to be available through Minnesota's State Contract. They can be found under the T-775(5) Turf Management Equipment section.

New Addition

The MP-100+ will be a new addition to the models Green Climber North America will provide under Contract. This machine is a remote-controlled mini-excavator and can be found under T-632(5) Aftermarket Tractors/Skidsteer Attachments.

For more information or help please consult the Department of Administration website or contact

Sales Contact

Needing a Green Climber? Reach out to your state purchasing contact and get one today! For the state of Minnesota, your local dealer is Tri-State Bobcat and their chain locations. Please contact Nick Kentros for additional sales information.

Contact Information:

Nick Kentros

Green Climber Specialist

Tri-State Bobcat

Mobile: (651) 407-3727

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