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Bobcat Enterprises

Sales and Impact Since Taking on Green Climber RC Slope Mowers

Ron Brunot, Sales Manager at Bobcat Enterprises, oversees the sales staff in the Cincinnati and North Kentucky markets. Brunot has held this position for four years. In 2019 Green Climber North America, approached Brunot and his team about taking on the Green Climber line.

“Marty had some luck with other Bobcat dealers, other dealers that we were close with, and I think he was given our name,” said Brunot. “He contacted us, we sat down, looked at it, and our service department went through the machine. We kind of have a process that we go through before you take on another line. It was a great product, and everybody agreed. It just made sense too, it complemented those two other products, our Avant and Bandit line, with the customer base that we were already calling on.”

Once Brunot and his team took on the line, they saw an immediate return on their investment as Green Climber already had an active customer base in their Ohio territory, with multiple leads that needed to be filled.

“Something that's been so great with Green Climber, is the support from Marty and him being out in the field, and really trying to develop leads,” said Brunot. “I want to say within six months, we had our first sale with the help of Green Climber. Marty had some groundwork set in our territory already.”

Bobcat Enterprises servers a large variety of customers with different machinery needs; Green Climber remote controlled slope mowers have become an asset when marketing to vegetation management crews. Now, Brunot’s team has a higher chance of hooking a customer because they can provide equipment for every facet of brush to land clearing.

“We have sales specialists that represent the Bandit, Avant, and Green Climber brands. So it's a nice machine to have in our tool belt. If a specialist is calling on a customer and a Bandit or Toro isn't something for them, we can offer a more aggressive mower that might fit their needs, it's nice to have that as an option.”

Recently, Brunot and his team sold an LV600 and three attachments to the City of Toledo. This was one of their largest end user to purchases. Salesmen have been having success with large and small-scale users as Green Climbers offer models and attachments to fit any application.

“We landed this LV300 with a local landscaper, that we probably never would have thought he would be a candidate," said Brunot. "But we got into talking with him and we learned he does mowing contracts. Some of the jobs he was trying to do with conventional mowing equipment, and it just was not working. So, for him, it's probably going to be more of an everyday usage. That's why we brought up specialists, because we can focus more on the market that these products go to in order to uncover what we otherwise wouldn't find.”

With their growing popularity, Green Climber Slope Mowers are expected to gain higher demand in the US market. Regional marketing has made it easier for potential customers to learn about the machines and access to rentals or purchases. Bobcat Enterprises and Ron Brunot have supported Green Climber's demand with a fantastic and aggressive staff. Look out for Green Climbers across Ohio Mowing Boldy!

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