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Cleanfix Fans in Green Climbers

Cleanfix Reversible Fans' functionality in Green Climber Remote Control Slope Mowers

Each machine is only as great as the quality of its parts. Thanks to its reliable components, the Green Climbers have become a valuable piece of equipment for many vegetation management professionals. Among the standard features on the Green Climbers that make them stand out against the competition, one item is the Cleanfix fan.

Cleanfix fans are unique devices that prevent engines and internal parts from accumulating debris. Their automatic fan system prevents overheating and decreased efficiency by blowing out debris that becomes trapped inside the machines.

I sat down with Mike Anderson, the Marketing Coordinator of Cleanfix North America, and discussed the emergence of the company and its goal of ensuring healthy equipment.

Canada-based Cleanfix North America is the North American branch of the company, with the parent business based in Germany.

“Here at this operation, we're responsible for all facets of Cleanfix business in Canada and the U.S.A," said Mike. "Everything from application engineering to assembly, sales, marketing, and follow-up are all the sort of sweet things that we do here.”

Over twelve years of growth in North America and three generations of the Haegele family in Germany have marked the success of the Cleanfix business as they continue to expand across North America. With great commitment from the parent company in Germany, Mike feels confident in maintaining the Cleanfix legacy.

“The main impetus for setting up Cleanfix North America, as compared to having an authorized distributor which we did prior, is the assembly capability that we have here,”

said Mike. “We take the technology that is that is refined and developed in Germany, and we can apply it specifically to this market.”

Like the creation of Green Climbers for the U.S. market, those units which run in Europe and Australia are completely different beasts than the machines that roam the slopes of North America.

“The Cleanfix fan is a factory install. The Cleanfix reversible fans installed in the Green Climber products are done so from our factory in Germany,” said Mike. “The automatic reversing fan is perfect for environments in which there's heavy debris and heavy dust.”

This fan was contracted by our parent company and manufacturer MDB SRL as it provided many benefits to their remote-control mower. Instead of the operators needing to manually clean out the machine after mowing through thick brush, the Cleanfix fan automatically reverses every seven minutes and blows out all debris that made its way inside the machine.

“Over the course of a day, especially if you're working in heavy vegetation, that radiator is going to get bogged down, it's going to be clogged up. And the machinery is not going to operate as efficiently,” said Mike. “With a reversible Cleanfix fan, that doesn't happen. Instead, the machine will keep working at maximum productivity.”

With the extra functionality of cleaning and cooling the Green Climbers, Cleanfix fans are a necessary and beneficial component to the machines. They keep them running at full capacity without downtime due to a dirty work environment.

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