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Green Climber- Fast Versatile and Strong

The Landscaper, the UK's leading landscaping industry magazine, interviewed Stephen Cabrol from RIKO, a Green Climber importer dealership based in Hampshire.

Stephen disclosed the excitement he felt when receiving the Green Climber, as it was the first remote-controlled slope mower he has ever had in his shop.

He believes the Green Climber will be a blessing to turf maintenance crews across the British Isles. The diversity in attachment heads makes the Green Climber an all in one machine that can tackle any job in a dangerous location, Stephen said.

"It is incredibly robust, with a very fast work rate – up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. It is also narrow enough for areas with restricted access and can be easily transported.”

The Green Climber's lightweight waist attached control box and self-cleaning radiator really impressed him and he can not wait to see his clients implement the machine across UK's roadsides.

All of the machine's safety features and technical specifications make the Green Climber a desirable all purpose mower that will finally be able to lighten the load for UK grounds care professionals.


We would like to thank The Landscaper for their reporting on the arrival of Green Climbers to RIKO Dealership in the UK. Their article was written by one of their great journalists, and we used it as the basis for this blog and the source of these wonderful pictures.

We are always excited to hear from happy customers and share their content with you. Please read The Landscaper's article to check out more information or click on over to our homepage to schedule a demo Stateside.

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