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Unraveling the Evolution of Forestry Equipment Sales

Green Climber of North America has expanded its dealership network by welcoming Earthborne as a new partner. This collaboration brings the benefit of tapping into the expertise and experience of Earthborne's seasoned sales team.

Now, I know you came here to read about remote-controlled slope mowers, but take a moment to reflect on your last haircut. How did you choose your barber? What keeps you coming back to them?

For most, it begins with stepping into a local barbershop and forming a connection with a personable individual who delivers a haircut that makes you enjoy your own reflection.

Whether it's chatting about a shared passion for the same football team or the addition of a hot towel at the end, this positive interaction leads you back to the same place every few months.

In a similar vein, selecting a dealership to purchase specialized forestry equipment doesn't seem all that different.

After experiencing a successful machine demonstration and receiving exceptional after-sales support from a local service team, most people return to the same dealership for future purchases.

Keith Barr, a Major Accounts Specialist at Earthborne, has 44 years of experience in the forestry industry. Over his extensive career, he's witnessed the evolution of technology and how dealerships have adapted to meet customer demands.

"I appreciated how Earthborne handled after-sales support," Keith said. "I'm not sure if there's anyone else out there offering support as robust as Earthborne does to its customers. This meant a lot to me even before I joined them, and it's a big reason why I thought it was a great company to work with."

Keith's deep appreciation for Earthborne stems from their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer support, a quality that resonated with him even before he officially joined the company two years ago.

Earthborne not only provides high-quality forestry equipment to local tree care departments, but also distributes ride on mowers and mulchers attachments to national brands spanning New England and into the Midwest.

Their ongoing service plan includes routine maintenance for all equipment sold, minimizing downtime for their customers. Earthborne's commitment to outstanding after-sales service ensures that both national and regional customers return, knowing they can rely on their support.

Over the years, the buying habits of their long-standing relationships have evolved, particularly in the last couple of decades as technology and labor resources have changed.

"You have to listen to the customers,” said Keith. “What we were selling a year ago may not be the same piece of equipment we're selling today. It might involve different attachments or an adjusted thought process that leads to the current demand for remote-controlled mowers."

Keith emphasizes that customer demands now favor purpose-built equipment, especially as contractors seek dedicated forestry mowers that enhance employee safety and productivity.

Remote-controlled mowers, like Green Climber, offer a less labor-intensive approach to tree trimming. Forestry departments nationwide have struggled to secure a stable labor force, making machinery a central focus in the industry.

These machines can double the productivity of a maintenance crew and access delicate turf areas that may be off-limits to other large-scale forestry equipment.

"I took a machine to a crew that was getting one and a half to two spans of right of way mowing work done in a day,” said Keith. “I brought the remote-controlled mower, and during the demo, I completed a span in approximately 45 minutes.”

This extraordinary success story illustrates how a knowledgeable salesman provided the right equipment to a forestry crew desperately in need of assistance to maintain extensive grasslands and forests, ensuring their communities remained well-lit and warm.

Keith's involvement in various aspects of the tree care industry, from chippers to mowers and beyond, has allowed him to build strong connections with influential figures in the community.

These supervisors, foremen, and directors consistently received sound equipment recommendations, ensuring a quick return on investment and proper support for machine maintenance.

"They practically sell themselves," Keith said. "Once you showcase the increased productivity and the time and money saved, along with the extra earnings they can generate, it's a recipe for success. The best part is you don't need a CDL to transport these machines; they're fuel-efficient and easy to maintain."

Earthborne added the Green Climber line to its offerings this year after entering the remote control mower market two years ago.

Green Climber aims to be a staple piece of equipment for all of Earthborne’s returning customers that desire to have the right piece of forestry equipment to tackle all of their hard to reach areas.

This transition was carefully considered, given the level of support that Green Climber of North America provided to Earthborne's technicians as they worked to maintain all Green Climber mowers enrolled in their maintenance program.

This partnership with Earthborne and Keith, as the lead for all national contracts for application in which Green Climber would thrive, is something we greatly value and aim to further develop.

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