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Green Climbers Down Under

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Dev from the Australian page, Arbor Age Forestry posted an article raving about the versatility of the Green Climber.

They applaud the Green Climber for being a master at digging, trenching, slashing, or dozing. The machine is capable of keeping its operators out of harm's way, while not worrying them about compromising on precision and speed.

"Whether you want to mow grass, mulch thick scrub, dig a trench or even grind tree stumps in any sort of terrain, the Green Climber is the machine capable of doing it all."

Arbor Age Forestry recognizes that the undercarriage tracks and low center of gravity are some of the many things that set Green Climbers apart from the competition. These features make our machines more capable of working efficiently on steep terrain without any imperfections.

The Green Climbers' user friendly operating system is a key characteristic that sells these machines. The start/stop button, forward/reverse function, fully hydraulic operation system, joystick steering, and a self correcting feature call to the daily user.

"As a result, safety-conscious maintenance companies and councils across Australia are investing in Green Climbers to help them tackle those challenging areas."

Green Climbers are currently used on Australia's highways and high traffic areas as their implementation does not shut down lanes, since the operator can stand at a safe distance. Having the Green Climber as part of any team guarantees efficiency and employee safety to be greatly benefited.


We would like to thank Arbor Age Forestry for their reporting on Australia's Department of Transportations using the Green Climber on their roadways. Their article was written by Dev, and was used as the basis for this blog and the source of these wonderful pictures. We are always excited to hear from happy customers and share their content with you. Please read their article to check out more information or click on over to our homepage to schedule a demo.

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