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  • Zoe Zawacki

Key Equipment

Green Climber NA adds on a new Dealer, which will be taking over three Midwest territories.

Key Equipment demos Green Climber F300 Pro at Golf Course Superintendents Outing last October

Green Climber has always strived to create the best customer experience for its vegetation management customers. With this in mind, we were excited to partner with Key Equipment the new authorized dealership for the Midwest territory of Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

Key Equipment has been in the municipal equipment business for over 60 years. In late 2021 Key jumped on board by taking in the Green Climber remote control slope equipment to their inventory. Having prior sales history, they felt it was a great line for DOTs, Municipalities, and Public Works Departments, amongst others.

“We felt the Green Climbers were a more versatile tool, like a Swiss Army Knife, versus just a simple mower,” said Mike Vislay, owner of Key Equipment. “The first thing we noticed was the better, robust design. Also that the Green Climbers offer many different attachments for their larger mowers and mini skid.”

Green Climbers are more than just mowers; they offer an array of attachments or offer custom specialty attachments for the end user. These options create limitless possibilities for the Green Climber slope equipment.

Mike mentioned that he appreciates Green Climber’s longevity in the workplace. The machine’s smart design along with its added steel protection makes for a heavy contender in the mulcher world.

“Key Equipment is mostly a municipal house," said Mike. We’re planning on carrying the Green Climber over to our existing customer base. This approach has brought our focus to golf courses, Parks Departments, and land management firms. And we've branched out to the Army Corps of Engineers as well.”

The addition of Green Climbers to Key Equipment’s fleet has greatly expanded their customer base. Their ability to sell to multiple departments within a municipality makes them a trusted name in municipal sales.

Mike applauded the equipment’s efficiency and how quickly an operator can learn to control the machine.

“The Green Climber remotes pretty similar to other remote-control equipment we carry," said Mike. "Sewer equipment use pretty much the exact same remote. Having that type of remote technology across multiple machines makes it nice because a lot of our customers already use that style, even for different products that we offer.”

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