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Napotnik Welding Inc.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Napotnik Welding Inc. is our Green Climber Dealer for the State of Pennsylvania

Napotnik Welding Inc. is the authorized Green Climber dealership for the state of Pennsylvania. Around a year ago, Norm Napotnik approached Green Climber to buy a few units to manage his business property. After the successful sale, Napotnik asked to take on the line. After a meeting with Green Climber Distributor staff, Napotnik was signed as a dealer for Green Climber Slope Mowers.

Adam Lasser is the current Green Climber specialist; he and his team have sold six units since they took on the line last year. Even though Lasser does not run a business out of a traditional dealership still has had multiple successes.

“It might be a little more difficult to sell as a nontraditional dealer, but we still receive a ton of interest in the Green Climbers. A lot of people are excited to learn more about them. We had our first sale in a matter of months,” said Lasser. “They were able to find us through the Green Climber website, from there we scheduled a demo with the customer. He pulled the trigger and bought an LV300 Pro for his landscaping business.”

Most leads come from excavation companies as these ender users need machinery for land clearance and vegetation management. Recently Napotnik sold an LV600 to a forestry company as they were looking for the right piece of equipment to take on Right-of-Ways.

“We have had a lot of interests in rentals too, we are planning on starting a program this year with our LV300,” said Lasser. “All of our end-users give us amazing reviews about how much they love their Green Climbers. Now we are hoping to be able to access a less demanding customer pool or someone that is not ready to make the full investment yet.”

Lasser believes that Green Climbers are the most well fit equipment to mow steep terrain. When selling equipment, clients can see how well the machine sticks to the hill as it has a low center of gravity and expandable tracks for extra traction.

“I focus on telling customers about the way Green Climbers excel in their field and about the safety aspect of adding the mower to their daily machinery. It keeps the operator out of harm's way which is extremely beneficial. Rollovers do happen, and they can be deadly, it's better to have a Green Climber on the slope than risk someone’s life.”

Operating the Green Climber can be taught in a matter of hours, but each sale comes with a free 6 hour demonstration and training. This way, new operators can feel confident in their ability to use the Green Climber to the best of their ability.

“I can not wait to see what Green Climber comes out with next,” said Lasser. “I heard about a new remote and a GPS locator coming as well. These are great machines already top of the line but it's nice to hear that the manufacturer is continuing to make them better. It’s nice to know your selling cutting edge equipment.”

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