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  • Zoe Zawacki

New Remotes & Murphy Computer

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Our manufacturer is releasing new remotes and we discuss the diagnostic computer, Murphy

Green Climber manufacturer, MDB is releasing two new IMET remote styles for the Green Climber Slope Mowers. The Recovery Remote is a wired remote option that services basic functions such as steering, power on/off, speed, and head movement.

This will help operators control the Green Climber when the wireless radio remote fails due to a dead battery, damage, or connection error. The Recovery Remotes fit all models and can be purchased as an additional add-on item for any of the Green Climber.

MDB is proud to produce a line of machines that includes a diagnostic computer system, “Murphy,” which provides the operator with a warning system, that gives the status of the machine’s engine. It is broken down into green, yellow, and red warnings.

Each warning and the steps to fix them are provided in the Green Climber model handbook, with these early warning’s operators can easily maintain their machine and monitor their preventative maintenance easily.

This second remote features an interactive LCD screen that provides the operator with real-time information from the Green Climber On-Board “Murphy” Computer. The new LCD Remote-Control is for the LV500, LV600 Plus, and LV800.

The LCD screen displays diagnostics, fluid levels, error codes, machine hours, etc. No longer must the operator walk up to the machine to check the onboard computer. Thanks to this new remote control all diagnostics will be at the end of their fingertips.

At MDB they strive to provide innovation to decrease stress and increase safety for a difficult job. Green Climbers are the only slope mowers that come with a diagnostic onboard computer screen. We are excited to transfer this technology to the remote control. This will increase operator awareness as they will be able to check the speed, temperature, and angle of the machine while working. Operator’s ability to maintain their machine will be immediate and downtime will be reduced dramatically.

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