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  • Zoe Zawacki

Sinnemahoning State Park

Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources Buys Green Climber LV600 and Attachments

Green Climbers are multidimensional machines, with over fifteen different attachments. From their remote tractor units, our machines have attachments for nearly any job. Within the state of Pennsylvania, facility management crews are given the task to manage and maintaining steep, mountainous terrain. The versatility of the Green Climbers helps make this job an easy one.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Natural Resources began the search for a machine capable of two tasks: mowing the George B. Stevenson Dam in Sinnemahoning State Park and being able to clean out its box culverts. Adam Lasser of Napotnik presented the state park with the Green Climber LV600.

“They were previously mowing the dam with another brand of remote-control mower, but it had lots of trouble getting traction and was just giving them a lot of problems,” said Lasser. “The Green Climber saved them a lot of hassle and manpower than trying to tackle the dam by hand.”

Lasser recommended the LV600, the 56hp Green Climber with Extendable Tracks, and 500ft remote range. Its interchangeable attachments provided the DNR with everything they needed to successfully maintain the park. The George B. Stevenson Dam was an easy task for the LV600 as all Green Climber mowers can tackle 60 degrees inclines, which are steeper than most Black Diamond ski slopes.

Adding to its versatility, the Green Climber was delivered to the Dam staff with a bucket to clean out the box culverts. Typical culverts require permits to access by hand. Using the machine, the crew can stand at a safe distance while cleaning out the culverts.

“The culvert has an entrance that's too steep for conventional ride-on equipment to get in and out of,” said Lasser. “So, this machine saves them a ton of time and hassle since a single operator can stand back and clean out the whole culvert themselves.”

With two attachments, the Green Climber LV600 can do the jobs of both a mower and skid steer, saving Pennsylvania’s Department of Natural Resources time and money when maintaining Sinnemahoning State Park.

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