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  • Zoe Zawacki

The Beginnings of Green Climber

Green Climber slope mowers are manufactured by MDB Srl, a small family-owned business in Italy, founded by Mario di Baise.

As the USA distributor of the Green Climber Slope Mowers, Green Climber N.A. is just one branch of the international equipment distribution network that sources from MDB Srl. MDB Srl began with Mario Di Biase in the late 1970’s. Born and raised in Abruzzo, Italy, Mario began his company, out of a farmhouse where he engineered machinery to solve issues in the construction, agricultural, and petrochemical industry.

“These early industries were early proving grounds of operating a business globally and were crucial to establishing MDB with an international reach,” said Paul Pontecorvo, Marketing Director at MDB srl. “These various experiences would pay off in 2008 when the fallout of the financial crisis caused a deep downturn in the construction industry where demand dried up. The company pivoted to a new industry to solve yet another long-standing problem.”

Mario turned to the vegetation management industry, as he grew up knowing the complications of trying to maintain steep hillsides in his hometown of Abruzzo. Mowing by hand was stressful and required a team of at least five people to finish a single slope in a day. On the other hand, using a ride-on mower or push behind was faster but held higher risks in case the machine lost grip on a hill.

“The Green Climber product line started as a grass cutting solution on slopes with the Mini Green Climber, similar to the current F-300 PRO,” said Pontecorvo. “Later, feedback from the distribution network and end clients encouraged the evolution of the first Green Climber to expand into a ‘tool carrying tractor’.”

Now with a fully established line of remote-control slope equipment within the international market, MDB Srl, under the guidance of Mario and his son Marco, plans to expand so that the safety and efficiency of the Green Climber slope mower can benefit every member of the vegetation management industry.

To read the full story of the MDB Srl LinkedIn page: click here.

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