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USA Services: Green Climber Addition

The Sweeping Corp of American, SCA, is a nationwide road maintenance company with over 39 facilities across the country. They specialize in roadside cleaning as well as sewer maintenance.

In September of 2019, SCA bought an LV600 for Ed Hampson’s Florida teams in Orlando and Jacksonville. Ed and his colleagues have been using the Green Climber extensively to cut slopes for Florida's Department of Transportation.

In an interview with Ed Hampson, we spoke about his experiences with the machine

and how the Green Climber became part of his team.

He said, "We use other slope mowers in the past, and they all failed us. We saw the Green Climber online, and we talked to the owner Martin Halm. He called me right away and we set something up. He brought down one of the rental units and we use it for one weekend, afterward, we turned around and signed an agreement with him."

Standard Flail Attachment and Remote

Ed was pleased with the LV600's quality of work and its durability when cutting down tough terrain. In Florida, their vegetation never has an offseason. Ed constantly needs the machine ready for duty. His team uses the Green Climber 15 to 20 days out of a month, which is one of the more active units in the South East.

"I was sold by the availability to get parts too. When I run into some type of user error, all I have to do is make a phone call up to your office. Then your mechanics up there talk my guys through the maintenance process," Ed said. "Your customer service is exceptional."

We at Green Climber pride ourselves in always being available to help our customers in order to minimize their downtime. Sending parts overnight or offering instructions on how to fix the machine yourself are always our priority.

“We can attribute our customer service success to our Manufacturer, MDB Srl. With their help and training, our parts staff and technicians are able to service our customers without a glitch. USA Services branch of SCA is an easy company to work with. Their attitude and enthusiasm for the Green Climbers definitely make my jobs more fun.” said Zoe our Parts and Maintenance Manager.


We would like to thank Edward Hampson for taking the time out of his day to be part of an interview with our Marketing Team. He supplied us with these wonderful pictures from his job sites and was able to tell us his Green Climber story. We are always excited to hear from happy customers and share their content with you.

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