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  • Zoe Zawacki

Wildfire Prevention

California's Tulare County Resource Conservation District uses its Green Climber to create firebreaks on dangerous terrain to prevent wildfires.

In today’s rapidly changing climate, record heat and droughts are threatening America’s West Coast. Many cities fear that wildfires will cause extreme commercial and residential damage.

Green Climber remote-control slope mowers have been utilized as a solution to mitigate the brush that spreads forest fires. The mountainous terrain prevents most mowers from operating safely, but not the Green Climber.

Public Works Departments & their contractors have been assigned the task of performing regular preventative maintenance across California, including Tulare County.

Bob Puls, District Representative of the Tulare County Resource Conservation District, received his Green Climber 2 years ago as part of a grant from a wildfire management program. Since then, they have pushed their slope mower to its limits to keep the county as safe as possible.

“The Green Climber plays an important role in our fire fuel reduction projects,” said Puls. “We've found that it is easy to transport, operate and it climbs like a billy goat, that is to say – ‘really well.’ It has surpassed expectations and has earned a well-deserved positive reputation within our respective agencies.”

The Tulare Country appreciates the Green Climbers compact weight and size as it is able to fit on a flatbed and be transported across the county, with no CDL needed. Unlike traditional equipment, the Green Climbers do not require a specialty certification, thus they can be used by anyone on the Conservation team.

“Adding the Green Climber to our small fleet has allowed us to maximize grant revenue to the district,” said Puls. “What we used to contract, we now do "in house", so to speak, and benefit from added dollars to us.”

Two years later and the team keeps finding areas to utilize their Green Climber. It is a pleasure to offer Counties like Tulare a safe and effective fire brush tool that helps preserve their community.


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