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  • Zoe Zawacki

Another Satisfied Customer

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Black Star Trading Co. shows off their Green Climber LV800 in real life and online

Black Star Trading Co. is a small business in West Virginia that takes on land management jobs and roadside clearing amongst a plethora of other specialties. The company recently bought a Green Climber LV800 and began using it to clear pipelines as well as other difficult terrains.

In a quick conversation between Chris Wilts, president of the company, he explained that the Green Climber is a useful part of his fleet since Black Star maintains the hilly landscape dominant in West Virginia. With Green Climber's quick-to-learn remote control setup operators were able to master the machine in a few hours making them professionals at the end of the week.

Black Star has an amazing social media presence, their Green Climber has been shown off across many online platforms. We wanted to thank each small business for making Green Climbers part of their everyday arsenal when encountering difficult terrain.

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