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Green Climber LV600 is Redesigning the Mowing Experience


Green Climber LV600 is a remote-controlled, steep terrain mower capable of operating on slopes up to 60 degrees. Its remote operation allows the operator to be at a safe distance, with anywhere from 25 to 500 ft radio operation capacities. The Tier IV Final Kohler engines provide the ultimate power. Strong enough to tackle the steepest of slopes.

The LV600 comes standard with high-performance tracks and it's patented expanding track system for extra stability. Features include an 8-gallon fuel tank, onboard battery charger, down pressure on the cutting head, highest hydraulic flow in class, and the most advanced computer on the market. Green Climber slope mowers out-class and out-perform on all levels and slopes.

Our most popular model, the LV600, is praised in the Vegetation Management field for its safety and innovation. Simply put, nothing compares.

  • 2,850 LBS

  • Kohler Diesel Engine, Tier IV Final

  • 5.5 MPH

  • Available Attachments

Benefits of Use

Ski slopes, roadsides, right-of-ways, and landfills have one thing in common: unruly, potentially hazardous terrain. Some vegetation professionals use time and labor-consuming hand trimmer crews to tame these areas. The Green Climbers offer higher efficiency than a trimming crew at 10:1 production.

  • Smaller crews

  • Less risk of injury

  • Reduces the use of chemicals

  • Higher efficiency

  • More Profit

Customer Reviews

"We have five reservoir banks with extremely steep slopes. To manage them we had a tractor with an extended boom and cutting head. You'd have to drive around the top and reach over the edge to cut. Then, drive around to the bottom, reach up and try to cut. The Green Climber was more efficient than the extendaboom, now we can get work done much quicker. The operator is away from it and you can see the whole picture a little bit better. What you missed, didn't miss."

-Ross Tucker, Hands-On Experience

Read More

Check out our interview with Javier E. Garcia, the Operations and Maintenance Team Leader for bp's Midwest Pipelines in our February Newsletter.

Popular Users of the LV600

  • bp Amoco

  • Marathon Petroleum

  • Alabama Power

  • Duke Energy

  • US National Parks

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