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  • Zoe Zawacki

SOLD: ODOT Buys Green Climber LV800

Successful sale to ODOT Branch by Bud Pack from Bobcat Enterprises

One of the most consistent buyers of Green Climber Slope Mowers is the

state-run Departments of Transportation. These entities are drawn to Green Climbers because of their safety, efficiency, and ease of use. With a Green Climber, the dangerous working environments of roadsides are separated from the operator, so if a machine gets into trouble, the operator remains at a safe distance. Bud Pack of Green Climber Dealership, Bobcat Enterprises has had recent success with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

“They really love the Green Climber,” said Pack “That branch of the DOT had a fecon unit beforehand, which wasn’t really practical for them anymore. After I demoed the LV800 the first time, I had one of the guys say that the Green Climber could run circles around their other machine.”

Bud Pack has been with Bobcat Enterprises for four years and has proven to be a valuable member of the sales team. After delivering to ODOT, he continued his momentum by shopping to the other ODOT branches. Many are now interested in securing their own Green Climber.

“The ODOT branch that I sold to was assigned to maintain those large walls next to the freeways,” said Pack. “On the other side of them, there’s a little patch of sloped terrain and drainage trenches. The Green Climber LV800 was able to make it across the trench, and it fit into the confined space. I thought it was neat since the flail fit perfectly for the job.”

We are excited to see where Green Climber mowers will go with the help of Pack. This ODOT sale will mark his fourth unit sold this year. With many more prospective sales, Pack expects to end his 2021 season MOWING BOLDY.

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