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February Newsletter: Latest Updates

Welcome to the Green Climber monthly newsletter.

Here we will broadcast and announce the most important and exciting updates regarding our company and machinery. Stick around to see engaging pieces of media from all of our social platforms in one location and exclusive content.


Green Climber & BP

Pipeline Maintenance Across the States

I was very happy to have a call with Javier Garcia, the Team Leader for BP’s Midwest Operation and Maintenance Division. Before being promoted to Team Leader, Javier labored daily for 10 years as part of a Vegetation Management Crew clearing brush, maintaining the right of ways for the pipelines, and of course dealing with the never-ending battle of brush vs. man and machine.

Javier oversees the vegetation maintenance for 4000 miles of pipeline, and we are excited to share that 3 of our LV600’s are fast at work helping his teams. Javier first found us on social media, looked up our address, and showed up at our shop the same day.

In the following weeks, Marty came out and did a live demo with his Michigan team, our staff provided pricing and specs and Javier pulled the trigger. Positive feedback and results drive our sales and reinforce our mission. Here are a few quotes from my conversation.

“We were able to minimize and create efficiency in our work. We reduced 150 inspections last year, just within a mile. The amount of savings in those locations my guys cleared basically paid for the first machine in 30 days. It was an investment, but we cleared 10 acres in less than 30 days instead of having it cleared by outside contractors.”

“These machines are capable of doing a tremendous amount of work. They can cut 6”-8” trees from the easements. The ability to expand the tracks and the soft impact of a machine that weighs around 3300 pounds. This thing almost walks on air, you can work through an easement with minimal damage, making few ruts without getting stuck.”

“I knew I had found the piece of equipment that I needed for my guys to safely cut a path to walk down the easement, do their inspection, and complete all of our ground patrols that we are required by the federal government to do. What we are trying to do right now is get ahead of the game, especially with the three machines.”

Green Climber has been a member of the BP Pipeline teams for over a year now and since then Javier Garcia has made the mower an indispensable piece of equipment as he grows the technology and application sector of BP. Green Climbers, drones, and new apps created for the company have meshed in order to create a new level of output, which has not been matched before.

It was a pleasure speaking with Javier and hearing his story. Reach out today to start your Green Climber story or just check us out on social and imagine what is possible!


Ewa Lapczynska

Marketing Coordinator


In the News

Social Media Show Offs

Over the winter months, we've been pleased to have consistent Green Climber content coming our way. This media has come from Green Climber operators nationwide and internationally.

On Twitter, Aled Bowen, a contractor, from the UK uses an LV800 to clear farmland and maintain firebreaks. He posts videos and pictures of his progress and the finished landscaping.

Check out his Twitter feed:

Meanwhile, unaffected by the cold, Jim Nelson from J&J Landscaping in Florida and

Tennessee has used Tiktok to show

their use of the LV600.

Check out his Twitter feed:

Green Climbers are really making an impression on all types of social media, old and new. We enjoy seeing what our slope mowers can accomplish in your hands. If you have any media you would like to share please tag GreenClimberNA on social media or email me.


"We tried, a lot of the other models, the Green Climber does seem to be built better. You can take a look at a thing and tell it was built for the terrain we were using it for compared to the other. We've actually been trying to get one rented for a few weeks now but it seems like everyone around here has figured it out."

- Undisclosed Grounds Maintenance Operator


New Release

Green Climber F-23

We are not keeping it a secret anymore. This year we are releasing a brand new model to our already existing line of Green Climbers. With preorders already underway, here's what you need to know.

The F-23’s will hit the U.S. market in Spring 2021. The F-23 sells for $36,500.00 USD. This machine will open up the Green Climber market to a larger demographic. Its compact design and innovation complement our growing fleet of slope mowers.

Intended for landscapers and grounds managers, the low clearance reaches under most solar panels and can be used to safely maintain high slopes that typically require hand crews. The unit weighs 1030 pounds and has two dual rotary blades on the belly of the machine.

Unlike other Green Climbers, the F-23 runs on Gasoline vs. Diesel. Look for the F-23 on most of our major contracts this Springs. The F-23 is now available to HGACBuy for pre-orders. We expect the F-23 slope mower to become a popular piece of machinery in any grounds manager’s fleet.

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