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Green Climber Worldwide: J W Riley Contracting

On March 4, 2021, J W Riley Contracting LTD announced its purchase of the Green Climber LV600. This machine became the company's newest piece of arsenal to tackle mowing dangerous terrain.

J W Riley Contracting LTD is a diverse vegetation management company that takes on a large variety of jobs around Great Britain. They mostly focus on commercial vegetation clearance, highway maintenance, forestry management, and agricultural/fishery bankside clearance.

In their original blog post, J W Riley Contracting described the decrease in expenses their customers experienced after our sister distributor, Kilworth Machinery, sold them their new remote control mower.

"Vegetation Clearance services has formed a huge part of our business for a number of years but recent technological advances in Robotic Heavy Equipment has enabled us to offer very affordable commercial vegetation clearance across a range of challenging environmental conditions using the Green Climber LV600 Flail Mower," said their blog.

With multiple innovative features and the biggest assortment of attachments, any Green Climber mowers are the crowning jewel of a vegetation management company.

"It is designed and built for constant use in harsh conditions and has 400mm of hydraulic side shift to assist with cutting up close to trees and fencing," said J W Riley's blog. "Our mower comes with a flail mower as standard however other attachments including power harrow, trencher, snow blower, snow plough, sweeper and hedge cutter are also available for hire. Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 6 inches, the Green Climber LV600 is the tool you need for your tough jobs and our vegetation clearance services include road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks."

Satisfied with their purchase J W Riley Contracting is now able to keep their crew safe while being able to more efficiently manage their customer's dangerous terrain, thanks to the Green Climber's 60 degree, steep slope capabilities and 500-foot remote control range.

"Operating safely in the commercial mowing environment is a primary requirement for any successful business," said the company's follow up post. "Slopes pose a particularly high hazard in the use of conventional and traditional methods. Our Green Climber LV600 Slope Mowers offers a safe solution to conventional problems of ride-on-mowers, where an operator is positioned dangerously on top of the vehicle while trying to cut or mow slope or harsh terrain."

The company's blog reports that a rollover accident occurred in Norwich in 2019, where a groundsman operating a ride on mower, fell victim to his machine rolling over. Since then J W Riley Contracting has been adamant about their Green Climber's reliability when it comes to maintaining sloped terrain.

"We know that freak accidents occur from time to time but our experienced Groundwork team will undertaken risk assessments to minimise any potential risks before any work commences," said their blog. "The Green Climber LV600 will clear vegetation, Flail Mow, Mulch and Finish Mow your projects, with a wireless operating range of up to 500 feet away. We operate within a visual line of site which allows the operator to be positioned correctly

with good visibility of the machines direction."


Every picture from today's post come from J W Riley's blogs, please check out their page for more amazing content. We thank J W Riley for writing such an amazing piece about their Green Climber LV600. We are happy to see satisfied customers from across the world and wish them the best this season.

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