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Infrastructure Solutions Group

The Green Climber Network added another dealership that will take over the North and South Carolina markets.

Green Climber North America has added another partner to their ever-growing network of dealers. Infrastructure Solutions Group, ISG, is now the Green Climber sales, service, and rental source in North and South Carolina. From their Mooresville location, they’ve already stocked the Green Climber LV600 and plans on expanding their fleet as soon as possible within the New Year.

“We've done business everywhere from our home location since 1984,” said Sean Lemcke, the Sales Manager at ISG. “In 2020, we came down and opened this branch in North Carolina. Upon opening this branch, we chose to take on new product lines we don’t typically sell in our Virginia branch. We wanted to stand apart from dealers down here that represent typical product lines in the Carolinas.”

Lemcke looked to include a remote-control line of equipment to help market to DOTs and forestry divisions which were lacking equipment to maintain steep slopes. As a result, the Green Climber slope line adds another solution to the current assortment of streets, sanitation, and forestry equipment that ISG typically rents to state-run organizations.

“Once we get classroom training at our facility, and then afterwards, some real live demonstration training, we are planning on ramping up the demos and marketing,” said Lemcke. “We got a couple of leads that were handed to us from already existing conversations that we had with end-users. We've already started communications with interested parties, both in North Carolina and South Carolina DOTs.”

Carolina’s hotter climate will lead to a longer growing season which Lemcke hopes to use to his advantage when selling and renting Green Climber equipment. ISG is known for its large rental house as they market to statewide organizations that need specialty equipment periodically throughout the season. Lemcke foresees the Green Climbers to become a staple rental model for spring cleaning.

“We plan on having this be a big part of our rental, we really are planning to blitz the market with the product in Q1. We really start to understand what that rental demand and market looks like in that period. Afterwards, we can assess how many additional units we're going to need, as we look into Q2 and Q3 and throughout the year and moving forward.”

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