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Kinchen and the New Machine

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

MP100+ establishing itself in Lousiana

On March 26th, we delivered three machines to Green Climber Dealer, Covington Sales in Denham Springs, Louisiana. One of those pieces of equipment was the MP-100+, a mini remote-controlled excavator, a new style of skid steer, with extraordinary steep terrain and confined space capabilities.

Manufacturer, MDB Srl released the MP-100+ in late 2020 and we are proud to have Curry Kitchen and the Covington crew as one of the first authorized Green Climber dealerships to carry the machine. We talked with Curry this month about his experiences as a Green Climber salesman and his thoughts on the MP-100 PLUS.

“We've been showing the MP-100+ a lot, bringing it around, showing it to everybody and playing with it a good bit. I’ve been queueing it up and using it to do stuff around here, just to get the know the machine. If we have some pallets that need to be moved, and our forklift is tied up in the shop working on stuff, instead of waiting, I'll just grab it and go. Or I’ll put the bucket on it and use it to back drag the gravel, to smooth out the parking lot."

Like most of our equipment, the MP-100 PLUS has steep slope capabilities, it can handle up to 20-degree inclines, and this feature is a key selling point.

“People usually look for new options when they run into some steep inclines, hard to reach spaces, or soft areas where tractors are too heavy. Instead of putting their guys on the slope, for liability reasons, they hire out contractors to maintain it. At Covington, we then end up selling to those contractors that are servicing these hard-to-reach areas for the city.”

Green Climber slope mowers are a piece of specialty equipment. Likewise, the MP-100 PLUS is the only non-mower of the Green Climber brand. This niche machine has great potential when offered the right clientele.

“We’re mainly marketing the MP-100+ towards people that are part of the waste, sewer and drainage business. Crews that are cleaning these big concrete bottom ditches, canals, or the box culverts under the roads. If you can't get a full-size skid steer loader in, or you don't want to put a guy in an enclosed area. With it’s low clearance, you can run the MP-100 in there with the bucket attachment, no problem.”

As an expert salesman, Curry has had multiple successful demos and made great connections promoting the MP-100 PLUS. We are honored to have Curry and Covington Equipment as part of our team. Their family-owned dealership helps create lasting connections between customers.

“We have had a few big demos for local parishes. Or if someone’s at the shop, were like, ‘Come check out this neat little toy we got, this might be something you could use in the future.’ Give them the remote, show them how to run it, and then let them go pick them up some pallets. I usually ride it to them, then get off and operate it. It lets buyers know, if you're going to a remote area you can ride on the back of it, and when you get there, then you can jump off and operate it.”

Thanks to the efforts of Covington Sales & Curry Kinchen, the MP-100 PLUS has been tested, demoed, and is securely accepted as a valuable machine for hazardous areas in which our other equipment could not access.

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