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March Newsletter: Latest Updates

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Welcome to the Green Climber monthly newsletter.

Here we will broadcast and announce the most important and exciting updates regarding our company and machinery. Stick around to see engaging pieces of media from all of our social platforms in one location and exclusive content.


Dale Hurd, Salesman

A Dealers Perspective

Green Climber of North America is proud of our extensive dealership network throughout the United States. We have been Partners in Climb with Woods Machinery, formally Garden State Bobcat, since 2017. As a part of our extended sales team, Dale Hurd has been selling the Green Climber line in New Jersey since then. This month we had a chance to talk with Dale about his experiences with our line and our company.

“Our dealership took on the Green Climbers because of the uniqueness of the line. Once you guys started marketing with us, sales increased significantly. Since then, I think Green Climber is one of our top two or three most profitable lines.”

Woods Machinery sells hundreds of pieces of equipment each year. Within the mix of products, Green Climber is one of the newest and most unique lines. Dale worked directly with us in the first 6 months to develop the new line and once things caught on, he found that the Green Climbers was an asset to both the dealership and to his existing customers.

“The Green Climbers are very beneficial to me as a municipal salesman, and a gateway into additional sales. Demos are the first touch with the customer. It is a product that I am confident in, especially the LV600 and the LV800, it is a solid product. There’s a confidence with selling Green Climbers, where I know that if I sell this to a private customer of ours, I won’t have a guilty conscience.”

Green Climbers prove their value with safety and efficiency. Our mowers and 10-15 times faster than hand cutting, easier to use than boom mowers, and get the job done. Dale has had the pleasure of interacting with satisfied customers that are thankful to have our slope mowers at their job sites.

“We have had great feedback from our customers. Honestly, they love the machines. I think they fall for the safety aspects of the equipment, especially the bosses, they love that. The ease of operation is great for operators, it makes their job easier. These guys can sit in their truck if they want to, it is not advisable, but I’m sure some do it. There’s not much to not like about it.”

Even though Green Climber is sleek and flashy, they are a serious piece of industrial equipment that has helped many companies and organizations increase output and maximize their workers’ wellbeing. This niche product attracts many potential buyers and has been accepted by several large-scale operations.

“I’ve had the most success with government accounts by far, specifically, road work. Guys doing ditch work, retention basins, steep slopes, right of way mowing are interested in these machines. We work hard getting Green Climber in a spec where engineers realize that it benefits them insurance wise. It’s a bad look if someone rolls down the hill on a piece of equipment.”

Green Climbers remove operators from hazardous situations as the remote gives the operator a 500’ range. Standing at a safe distance allows the operator the ability to navigate steep slopes without unnecessary risks. At Green Climber we stand behind our product and support the salesman and end user with the best service and support that we can.

It was a pleasure speaking with Dale and hearing his story. Reach out today to start your Green Climber story or just check us out on social and imagine what is possible!


Ewa Lapczynska

Marketing Coordinator


In the News

J. Mack: Cali Dealer

Recently we shipped three Green Climber LV600's to J. Mack Enterprises in California. These units are presold to a government buyer and two private contractors.

J. Mack Enterprises has had past success selling Green Climbers to a California fire brigade. They have used our machines to cut firelines and maintain vegetation in order to decrease the amount of combustible fuel present. Check out the demo video to see how the Green Climber is being used to protect California.

In recent years Green Climbers have been an essential piece of equipment used to California safe, as they have been experiencing record breaking wildfires. Just the forestry attachment the fire brigade has helped decrease the spread by clearing dangerous slopes. We can not wait to see if J. Mack's new buyers have something as great in store for their new equipment.

What have you been able to do with your Green Climber? We enjoy seeing what our slope mowers can accomplish in your hands. If you have any media you would like to share please tag GreenClimberNA on social media or email me your best videos.


"I have my Green Climbers set up with the full protective cage. It's well designed, always taking the beating instead of the machines. I highly recommended it if you're doing any type of right away clearing that has saplings or trees above the machine. Things fall down, that's gravity, and the cage has successfully protected our investment. "

- Javier E. Garcia, bp O&M Team Leader


New Release

Data Acess Connection

In April, MDB Srl will release the Data Acess Connection, DAC, a new fleet management system. This new update can be added to any old or new Green Climber model. After DAC's easy installation operators will be able to better understand their machine.

DAC's implementation will decrease downtime, reduce cost, and increase control. In the online portal, operators can access their Green Climber's location, maintenance information, and remote control options. DAC can improve a companies business model as it allows easy monitoring of operators and their completed work.

Temperature, fuel consumption, and maintenance updates will be directly visible on DAC. This will allow operators to easily diagnose mechanical problems and forecast their need for new parts. The reduction of on-site assistance will save time and money. The machine tracking and remote stop option will aid in protecting Green Climbers from theft.

DAC can be personalized to any user. Track the data which is most beneficial to your company. If someone is experiencing high fuel expenditure, DAC will help provide the data displaying the relationship between usage patterns and consumption.

This information is guarded on a secure cloud-based server and will be reachable on the DAC website or by downloading the Machine Companion App.

Needing additional information? Check out the manufacter's explanatory manual.

DAC Explanation
Download PDF • 2.88MB
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