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New Release: Remodeled Winch

In most parts of the country, spring ensures bouts of rain and softened terrain. This will result in muddy patches which can cause vegetation management equipment to become stuck. Leaving equipment operators to scramble in order to save their machines from this sticky situation. Though well prepared, this stressful race for time can put anyone on edge.

This year MDB SRL, our manufacture, released a newly remodeled winch. The new attachment now comes with a one-step connection, and it includes a remote control that can be used to wind/unwind the winch from a safe distance, along with the wired handheld control.

Green Climber slope mowers have a low PSI, averaging 2.3-2.8 per square inch. Each weighing under 4,000 lbs, lower than most all skid steers, users have found it very difficult to get these machines stuck. As we enter mid-spring and April showers, it’s a perfect time to address mud and ditch recovery.

Manufacturer, MDB Srl has made sure that the machines have practical preventative safety features. But when the terrain is too much, the Green Climber itself makes it easy to execute a fast nearly effortless recovery.

"The expandability of the tracks, and the soft impact of the LV600, even at 2700 pounds, it weighs something like under three pounds per square foot of pressure. That thing almost walked on air, driving this thing through an easement without damaging making ruts or anything like that," said Javier Garcia, in charge of 3 Green Climbers for bp's Midwest South Product Pipelines.

Each machine has 2 secure lift points on each side of the tracks which can be connected to any standard truck and used to pull a machine out. Another secure location is the back bar of the machine's body, a chain can be wrapped around the bar and then attached to a recovery unit. These points are fail-safe ways to get a Green Climber out from any muddy situation.

At a demo a few years back, Zoe, our vice president, had to rescue a stuck machine and used the equipment around her in order to save the moment.

"We were demoing for Com-Ed contractors, Marty and I brought both the LV600 and F300 PRO to the demo. The LV600 got caught in a divot with heavy mud. There was no space to bring in a pickup truck so we resorted to what we had. We grabbed our tether chords and the F300 PRO. We tied the machine together and used the 25Hp F300 to pull out the LV600 from the mud. It took just a few minutes to get the LV600 up and running again. To say the least, we were impressed. That day our F300 was the little engine that could," said Zoe.

Green Climbers are made to withstand the toughest of terrain and are virtually unsinkable thanks to their lightweight and stability features.

"About a year ago at the New Hampshire airport, we demoed the LV600. One area of the terrain was contained bog; a bog is an area of land where water gets stuck between two layers of soil," said Zoe. "We didn’t know we hit the bog until the machine itself began to sway like it was riding waves. Luckily, because the machine was lightweight, it didn’t break the turf and fall into the water. It was however

very surreal to see the ground move around like jelly under the machine."


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